Jean-Pierre Baseball

  • Wilbraham Monson Academy - Current Senior.
  • Three-year honor roll student.
  • Global Leader member.
  • Gold key tour guide in a leadership role.
  • Peer mentor for students.
  • 4-Year Varsity Baseball starter, Freshman - Senior
  • Team captain - Junior & Senior.
  • Selected All Star Team WNEPBL - Sophmore.
  • Selected All Star Team WNEPBL - Junior.
  • Wilbraham RED American Legion top seed, 2018 & 2019.

Over the past 15 years I have been gifted with a great passion for the game of baseball passed down by some extraordinary coaches.

To become a better player I have spent countless hours on the field, in the gym, researching professional players online and studying their techniques. My passion leads me to this goal where I want to "pay it forward" as young adult and share with those who may not have life as fortunate as we do in the U.S.

Please support my upcoming Christmas adventure.

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Team Avenue Baseball

Founded by Thomari Story-Harden to provide young scholar athletes the opportunity to enhance and develop life skills through baseball.

  • Daytime activities include;
  • Warmup & stretching techniques.
  • Hitting setup and hip rotation.
  • Pitching & Fielding mechanics.
  • and players favorite - Game time.
    • Nighttime activities include;
    • Goal setting charts,
    • Mental preparation for todays game,
    • Proper body rest and needs,
    • Evaluation & critique of day.
Objective & Goal

My objective is to raise funds to cover cruise, airfare, hotel and new baseball gear for teams we play. Intent is to share with those who struggle with the availibility of a new glove, bat, uniform slider shorts or other baseball items we take for granted. Gear purchased here and brought.

Any questions, comments or suggestions.

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